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Fascinating work, filled with multi-mood swings, changing textures, and colours, instrumental creativity.


Die Musik, die Florian Ross auf „Big Fish & Small Pond“ präsentiert, steht in ihrer schlichten Schönheit einfach für sich selbst. Jeder, sei er auch ungeübt im Hören von Jazzstücken, kann sich diesen Melodien ganz unbefangen nähern.

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Der Forderung des Pianisten Jim McNeely in dem Begleittext zur CD kann man sich durchaus anschließen: ‘When is the next album?’ 

Irish Times

Two things stand out immediately about German keyboardist and composer Florian Ross’s first release for his own Toy Piano label.

First, it’s the compositions, closely written and harmonically nuanced, but spacious, upbeat and smile-inducing, reminiscent of the optimistic, wide-open plains strand in American jazz associated with composers such as Pat Metheny, Joel Harrison and Ben Allison.

The second is the instrumentation: country music more or less owns the pedal steel guitar, but polyglot guitarist Markus Segschneider imports the instrument’s characteristic twang into Ross’s tunes, mixing it with the leader’s synth-drenched chords, making a sound that is fresh yet timeless, strange yet somehow familiar, like the theme tune to a 1970s cop show you never saw.

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The most obvious role model for the Florian Ross Trio is Keith Jarrett’s band with Jack DeJohnette and Gary Peacock. An inventive, inspired unit capable of heightened sensitivity and ferocious interplay, they exhibit remarkable empathy and dazzling virtuosity on Blinds & Shades (Intuition). As the trio’s principal composer, pianist Ross demonstrates a delicate touch on luminous pieces like “Ev’ry Now and Then (Pause and Think Again)” and “Grande Tristesse,” as well as on the gorgeous solo piano closer “Goodbye,” while his more forceful keyboard work, as on “Toss & Turn” and “Getting There (Is Half the Fun),” creates its own swinging, cascading momentum.


Non resta che attendere le prossime mosse die questo eccellente musicista. Magari senza perderlo di vista.


Die Lobeshymnen, die John Taylor und Jim McNeely im Booklet auf den jungen deutschen Pianisten und Komponisten Florian Ross singen, sind nicht übertrieben.

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Ma non ha ncora una grande naturalezza espressiva, e gli manca la metabolizzazione di una vasta cultura: quando l’avrà raggiunte diventerà una voce significativa del jazz europeo.

Toronto Star

This is music that's very advanced melodically, harmonically and rhythmically.

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Ross komponiert mit jener Leichtigkeit, die allen traditionellen Ballast austariert.

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